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The bootcamp combines the flexibility of online classrooms with the urgency & engagement of physical classrooms. We smartly combine the power of social tools such as Quora, Whatsapp, Vimeo along with the inhouse tools to provide the most engaging business course you have ever experienced.

Ellen Vrana
Ex-Mckinsey Consultant
Scott Rouse
Body Language Expert & Consultant


Experiences of Past Students 

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What do we cover

Business Rookie!

Week 1

Critical Thinking Skills

First week. Get to know people. Get productivity exercises. Practice the art of structured thinking. You will have a series of entertaining debates on Quora and Twitter.

Week 2

Writing & Communication skills

Become a great writer. Exercises include team building, marketing, productivity, leadership and writing.

Week 3

Finance & Economics

Understand the stock markets through simulations. Get the basics of investing and understand both the public markets as well as private markets.

Week 4


Get the foundation of marketing. Understanding customers and their needs. Learn about the arts of pricing and story telling.

Week 5


Understanding the foundations of business strategy. How are new markets created? Decision Making frameworks.

Week 6


We will go through a very methodical way to discover ideas and test them.

Week 7


How do you sell? What goes in the negotiation process? How do you present?

Week 8


Understanding various career paths, fundraising, networking.


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